ShaRhonda's Story

MyPath is a place that feels just like home.

Portrait of MyPath Employee, ShaRhonda

If you know your heart's passion, we'll help you follow it.

Sometimes, work feels like a home away from home. Maybe it’s the people, the work you’re doing or knowing you’re always building toward something.

These are the times when you just know you’ve found the right place.

ShaRhonda started with Homes for Independent Living — a MyPath Company — as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) in 2012. Seven months into her work at MyPath, ShaRhonda went on leave. In 2015, she chose to return to MyPath after realizing it was where she was meant to work.

“When I thought about my future, I saw myself being helpful to others and thought about how I could utilize my skills. I decided to return to MyPath because of the room for growth and diversity,” says ShaRhonda.

"I just knew that I needed to be where I was understood and valued."


Over her time at MyPath, ShaRhonda’s career grew — from working as a DSP to a supervisor and helping residents with long-term behavioral issue and developmental disabilities. MyPath helped her excel, professionally, while serving others. It reinforced that she knew she found her place.

ShaRhonda knows she’s not just a name at MyPath. She’s part of the team. When she returned after leave, she spoke openly with her supervisors about her desire to grow. They listened and provided the tools she needed to do her job to the best of her abilities and helped her grow through roles that fit her passions and skills. As a result, the right positions started opening up in front of her.

ShaRhonda Speaking to Student

13 years old

When she knew she had the gifts to make a difference.

3 positions

and 2 promotions over the last 5 years.

“I definitely see my career path growing with the company,” she says. “I just love what I do, the team and the family that I’m working with. I love being able to help individuals that need me. By helping people along the way, I’m getting to where I’m destined to be.”

ShaRhonda has some advice for those with a passion for helping others.

“You’ll find your place right here,” she says. “You’ll feel right at home, if you can just have an open mind and know that all days are not going to be sunny days. There are going to be some rainy, cloudy, stormy days. But in the end, at the end of the rainbow, there’s a pot of gold.”

ShaRhonda Portrait

Find your perfect fit

We know how important it is to find a workplace that fits you — from coworkers that you connect with to doing work that fills your heart and soul. It’s why we encourage people to explore their options. We have 10 MyPath companies and 150 locations that allow you to find the place that perfectly fits you.

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Working at a MyPath Company

Our employees are why MyPath companies work so well for the people we serve. They’re the reason we’re 100% employee-owned and have nine MyPath companies and 150 locations throughout Wisconsin and Indiana. To help take care of the future of our people, employees who are with us for a year, with over 1000 hours of work, begin to receive company-funded MyPath stock shares. After that first year, continued employment with us means continued growth in the number of company shares you receive.

This culture of ownership goes beyond stock. As an employee owner, you can expect transparency, respect and appreciation. If you are called to help others and be part of something bigger, MyPath can help you explore opportunities throughout its many organizations.